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Top five things to do in Tulsa this Fall

COVID-19 has made this one of the longest and most difficult summers in recent memory. We are all craving a new season, and while the pandemic might not be completely eradicated by Fall, we’ve compiled the perfect list of activities to enjoy as temperatures drop and colorful leaves crunch underfoot!

Downtown Architecture Tour

Tulsa is known for its Art Deco style architecture. It is only fitting that the “oil capital of the world” has a wealth of Gatsbian buildings built to boast of the prosperity of the city that many oil barons called home. With the many lavish buildings of the Roaring Twenties that demand our attention, it can be easy to take for granted the various other intriguing architectural prospects in Tulsa. From the ominous underground tunnels downtown to the textile block Westhope designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, from the quirky Cave House with a bootlegging past to the futuristic BOK Center that looks like it could lift off to space at any moment, Tulsa is full of diverse architecture that deserves a deep dive. The Tulsa Foundation for Architecture is your source for architectural tours in the fall breeze! Visit https://tulsaarchitecture.org/tours/ for more info.

Gilcrease Museum

Fusing history, art, and culture, Gilcrease Museum houses the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of art in the American West. Hundreds of Native American cultures are represented here, including some artifacts that date all the way back to 12,000 B.C.! If you choose to visit in the Fall, make sure to explore the museum’s themed gardens. The colorful scenery is the perfect setting for a date or family excursion. You might even consider attending one of the museum’s many events for an even more engaging experience. Plan your visit at https://gilcrease.org/plan-your-visit/!

This Machine Themed E-Bike Tours

“This Machine Kills Fascists” was the iconic statement that Woody Guthrie coined by slapping it onto his guitar, a symbol for how his 6-string could be an instrument of change. Tulsa doesn’t have a metro station, which is why the bike-sharing company, This Machine, is dedicated to fostering a better-connected Tulsa. Plus, why spend your time underground when you could be taking in the beautiful sights of our city on a bike? Did we mention that they’re E-Bikes? So peddling is minimal! If you download ThisMachine’s app, you can even pick from several themed tours curated to your interests, including a mural tour, a River Parks tour, and even a brewery tour! To find out more about the best way to tour Tulsa in the Fall, visit https://thismachinetulsa.org/how/.

Center of the Universe

Tucked away in Downtown Tulsa lies one of the city’s mysteries that continues to befuddle the minds of those who have tried to crack it. The Center of the Universe can be found at the apex of a pedestrian bridge accessible from the corner of W. Archer St. and N. Boston Ave. The cracked concrete circle that marks “the spot” is so unassuming that no one would pay it any thought if they did not know of the acoustic anomaly at play. If you happen to hit the streets of downtown Tulsa this fall, you must make a stop at the Center of the Universe. Stand directly on the circle and say anything to experience a sonic vortex of wonder!

Catch a Game at OneOK Field

The only thing more delightful than donning your favorite jersey, grabbing a stadium meal, and kicking back in your seat along the goal line on a crisp Summer evening, is doing the exact same thing on an even crisper Fall evening. Tulsa’s professional soccer team, FC Tulsa, has returned to play. For your family and friends that need some convincing to spend an evening on the pitch, there is always something going on at the games! From fireworks and live music, to jeering at the calls with your fan-neighbors, don’t miss this experience at OneOK Field. Grab your tickets at https://www.fctulsa.com/tickets.

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©2020 Tulsa Regional Tourism